Monday, December 5, 2011

Passion...Community...Giving & the Holidays

I bet you are thihnking that I am going to ask you for money for Better BedRest. I will not. I have a story to tell, a tender one at that. Friends of mine, Terry & Stephanie McClung who work and have lived in Howard County gave a fundraiser on Saturday night for SIDS Awareness. This was in honor for their daughter Kaitlyn who died at 5 months old from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). This is the second time the McClungs have held an event like this to raise money for SIDS Educational Services
and the University of Maryland Center for Infant and Child Loss
The event this year was an ourpouring of wonderful support drawing near 200 people. This is a family that has now found "their" passion for a cause to support in their daughter's memory. My work with Better BedRest is one of my passions coming from my own traumatic experience 21 years ago. For the McClungs and I, it is our way to turn a negative into a positive. I feel it is so important for people to find their passions in their lives. How wonderful to use this passion and give back to your community in some way. It could be money or your time. The holidays are a great time to think about what truly are your passions and what causes you believe in. Causes that are important for you as a person in the Howard County community and beyond. I wish you all a blessed holiday hoping that you will think about this challenge I have presented you. The most spiritual moment came on Saturday evening as the McClungs let go three ballons to celebrate what would have been Kaitly's 3rd birthday. As we walked outside on the balcony and looked, the sky was filled with stars twinkling as if Kaitlyn was smiling down. The McClungs are giving back....what will you do? Peace and Happiness to all. Joanie Reisfeld, Founder, Better BedRest, Inc

Monday, November 21, 2011

River Hill senior debuts powerful video for local non-profit!

Talk about talented? Well there's this kid whom Robin Abello suggested we meet. He is a senior at River Hill HS who aspires to be successful in the media production field. Well after the debut of this powerful video, I think he will be very successful! There are many people who have no idea what it like to be in bed as a pregnant mom for months at a time, be in another country and have problems and just feel so isolated. After one views this video not only will they understand pregnancy bedrest, they will see something I have always thought was the "invisable crisis" and now it will be visiable. Now that is what I call talent. See for yourself!

Better BedRest from Zach Bailey on Vimeo.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Joanie Reisfeld, Founder, Better BedRest, Inc

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Random Act of Kindness Day....

I had the most humbling experience being on the Oprah's Favorite Things show one year ago today. The audience group on Facebook decided to celebrate our first anniversary by giving back. So today 220 people across the US did Random Acts of Kindness. I know we would like to think we do this everyday, but the experience of surprising a stranger, friend, co worker or loved one is the best. Sometimes nice things happen when one least expects it. It does not even have to cost money. As many of you in the blogging community know, words are powerful. So I challenge you all to join in. We have extended this until December 31st. We even had one person doing it in Korea! If on Facebook, do a search for Random Act of Kindness Day and you will find it. Share your story. Today I was in Target and surprised a mom and bought her diapers. Then tonight I surprised someone at Cosco and filled up their tank of gas. The important message here it to tell the person to pay it forward and do something for someone else..Are you up for the challenge? Joanie Reisfeld

Monday, November 14, 2011

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Monday, October 31, 2011

Random Acts of Kindnedd Day, November 16th, 2011

A year ago on November 16th 2010, approximately 600 people were surprised in the audience for Oprah Winfrey's Ultimate Favorite Things Day. In honor of this one year anniversary of this humbling experience we are celebrating with doing random acts of kindness across the US and the world. Choose to do something for a stranger, friend, co worker, loved one, anything to show an act of kindness. Then ask them to pay it forward! I am going to pay for someone's tank of gas on this day. What will you do? Share this event as it will be so much fun to see what people do. Let's see how many people we can get involved! This is a public page on Facebook, you just have to do a search for "Random Acts of Kindness Day". Tell your friends to seach or put in on your FB page and invite others. Let's pass on the message that nice things can happen to people when they least expect it! Joanie Reisfeld, Founder, Better BedRest, Inc

Monday, October 3, 2011

Ladies Day Out this Sunday Oct 9th. Proceeds to Help Better BedRest!

We are hosting this event w Tastefully Simple products and Uppercase Living Products!

The Gatherings at Jefferson Place directly across from Barnes and Noble at Long Gate shopping Center from 1-4, in the community center! Food will be provided as well.

To order Tastefully Simple online -
go to​golczewski, click on "shop our products". At check out, click "proceed to checkout" & click "Find Host/Event". Enter "Better" as the first name and "BedRest" as the last name, then click search. Then select the Better BedRest Fundraiser.

To order Uppercase Living, go to Click the drop down next to "Associate with an Open House" & select the Better BedRest Fundraiser.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Julia Nixon to Perform at Better BedRest Gala!

Julia Nixon, Helen Hayes Award Winner who replaced Jennifer Holiday on Broadway as Effie in Dreamgirls has graciously agreed to perform at this years Annual Better BedRest Holiday Gala, Novemeber 19th, 2011 at Chartwell Country Club. Tickets will be $50 which includes dinner, show, and our famous Silent Auction! As a special treat Elvis will also perform for us which we love each year! So join us. Questions? Email

Top 50 Pregnancy Blogs!

~Joanie Reisfeld, Better BedRest

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Support Moms on Pregnancy Bedrest Join BBR Capital Campaign

BBR is starting a Capital Campaign to raise money for our ICarol phone system. Our goal is $2400! Any amount from $1 to $100+ is appeciated! Please mark ICAROL on your check. Please send all tax deductable donations to Better Bedrest, P.O. Box 212, Savage Maryland 20763

ICarol is for logging in calls and we retain statistics about women on bedrest for funding.The Icarol system is the same system the state 211 system uses as well as many crisis centers across the nation.

Please consider a donation to a worthy cause and support moms on bedrest due to High Risk Pregnancies!


Joanie Reisfeld