Monday, December 5, 2011

Passion...Community...Giving & the Holidays

I bet you are thihnking that I am going to ask you for money for Better BedRest. I will not. I have a story to tell, a tender one at that. Friends of mine, Terry & Stephanie McClung who work and have lived in Howard County gave a fundraiser on Saturday night for SIDS Awareness. This was in honor for their daughter Kaitlyn who died at 5 months old from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). This is the second time the McClungs have held an event like this to raise money for SIDS Educational Services
and the University of Maryland Center for Infant and Child Loss
The event this year was an ourpouring of wonderful support drawing near 200 people. This is a family that has now found "their" passion for a cause to support in their daughter's memory. My work with Better BedRest is one of my passions coming from my own traumatic experience 21 years ago. For the McClungs and I, it is our way to turn a negative into a positive. I feel it is so important for people to find their passions in their lives. How wonderful to use this passion and give back to your community in some way. It could be money or your time. The holidays are a great time to think about what truly are your passions and what causes you believe in. Causes that are important for you as a person in the Howard County community and beyond. I wish you all a blessed holiday hoping that you will think about this challenge I have presented you. The most spiritual moment came on Saturday evening as the McClungs let go three ballons to celebrate what would have been Kaitly's 3rd birthday. As we walked outside on the balcony and looked, the sky was filled with stars twinkling as if Kaitlyn was smiling down. The McClungs are giving back....what will you do? Peace and Happiness to all. Joanie Reisfeld, Founder, Better BedRest, Inc