Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Random Act of Kindness Day....

I had the most humbling experience being on the Oprah's Favorite Things show one year ago today. The audience group on Facebook decided to celebrate our first anniversary by giving back. So today 220 people across the US did Random Acts of Kindness. I know we would like to think we do this everyday, but the experience of surprising a stranger, friend, co worker or loved one is the best. Sometimes nice things happen when one least expects it. It does not even have to cost money. As many of you in the blogging community know, words are powerful. So I challenge you all to join in. We have extended this until December 31st. We even had one person doing it in Korea! If on Facebook, do a search for Random Act of Kindness Day and you will find it. Share your story. Today I was in Target and surprised a mom and bought her diapers. Then tonight I surprised someone at Cosco and filled up their tank of gas. The important message here it to tell the person to pay it forward and do something for someone else..Are you up for the challenge? Joanie Reisfeld

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