Sunday, May 13, 2012

What Mother's Day is All About....

Happy Mother's Day to all. I hope you all are enjoying your day with your children or at least have heard from them. As we celebrate another Mother's Day I am reaching out to each of you to maybe celebrate this day with a small donation in ...honor of yourself, a mom or someone you know who is a mom. You all know how passionate I am about women on bedrest due to high risk pregnancies and this month BBR has run out of funds for our Emergency Grant Fund. Any amount can be donated through our website $25 can help one pay a utilitiy bill, put it towards rent or insurance payment. Every penny helps. As I made a few calls today, women are worried about their babies outcomes, how they will pay a $84 cell phone bill, and tears are shedding on a day that should be filled with joy. Please know that the women across the US greatly appreciate it and so do I as well as our organization BBR. Mother's day is about what mom's have done....we have given tiredlessly to our childrent. Be proud to be a mom! Joanie Reisfeld, Founder BBR

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Calling All Motorcycler Riders!

A bunch of women volunteers for Better BedRest have never done this before. We are definatly going outside or box. With the help from some wonderful motorcyle lovers we are doing our first benefit ride! Please mark your calendar!

Saturday May 19th!!
Benefit Ride For High-Risk Moms and Babies
Ride for the Moms & Their Children
150 Mile Ride Thru Northern Carroll County up into PA to Mountain House Bar & Grill and back to New York J & P Pizza @ RT 26 & RT 27
Where we will enjoy Food, Prizes,
& Band, The Eight Balls
The Ride will have several scenic stops
Ride details and Garmin file available from Doug & Charles call cell # Below
To Benefit
Expectant Moms that have been put on Bed Rest

Saturday May 19th 2012
Registration Donation $20.00 includes Ride & Band
$5.00 extra for additional rider
Registration begins at 9:00 AM At Hillmuth Certified Automotive Glenwood MD
Located at: 2480 Roxbury Mills RD RT 97
Coffee & Donuts @ Registration

Please visit our Web site for all the ride information.
Or Contact
Doug Hillmuth @ 443 621 6764
Charles Reese @ 443 254 6610

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Research Study for women who have had a high risk pregnancy.....

Nursing and Psychology researchers from Case Western Reserve University are conducting a study about postpartum depression and internet use in women who experienced a high risk pregnancy. If you are a mother who is at least 18 years old, was on bed rest during your most recent pregnancy and have a baby between 2 weeks and 6 months of age, we invite you to take part in this study. For more information and to participate, click on the link below.​postpartdep.htm