Sunday, May 13, 2012

What Mother's Day is All About....

Happy Mother's Day to all. I hope you all are enjoying your day with your children or at least have heard from them. As we celebrate another Mother's Day I am reaching out to each of you to maybe celebrate this day with a small donation in ...honor of yourself, a mom or someone you know who is a mom. You all know how passionate I am about women on bedrest due to high risk pregnancies and this month BBR has run out of funds for our Emergency Grant Fund. Any amount can be donated through our website $25 can help one pay a utilitiy bill, put it towards rent or insurance payment. Every penny helps. As I made a few calls today, women are worried about their babies outcomes, how they will pay a $84 cell phone bill, and tears are shedding on a day that should be filled with joy. Please know that the women across the US greatly appreciate it and so do I as well as our organization BBR. Mother's day is about what mom's have done....we have given tiredlessly to our childrent. Be proud to be a mom! Joanie Reisfeld, Founder BBR

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