Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Remember Better BedRest, Inc w End of Year Donations!

Happy Holidays All...Please consider Better BedRest, Inc in your end of year tax deductible donations! Your donations will go towards our Emergency Grant Fund and EVERY dollar counts!!

Our Emergency Grants go to women to pay a bill while on bedrest up to $500. These bills can be utility bills, rent, mortgage and other important bills. We pay the bill directly once a caller proves they are losing an income while on bedrest.

So please consider a donation for this wonderful cause. Donations can be sent to Better BedRest, PO BOX 212, Savage, Maryland 20763 or through Paypal on our website at www.betterbedrest.org.

Happy Holidays Everyone...May you have peace, happiness and good health in the upcoming year!

Joanie Reisfeld

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