Friday, May 1, 2009

Lets get this blog rollin....

Ok bedrest moms, past bedrest moms, BBR volunteers, docs, nurses, general public.....time to take part in Bumps on a Blog. Lets see if we can get some ideas going, thoughts, resources and anything on your mind that might help a bedrest mom and their family. Tell us your story. For anyone in the hospital, we recommend asking for a 2nd set of sheets. Makes that hospital bed a bit more comfy...I will let Michelle add some of her ideas on here too.

Bumps in life are just that, we sort of go up the bump and back down again and then life moves on. Bedrest is sort of like that. It is a temporary bump in life that will pass in time and the best part with a hopeful healthy outcome of a baby.

For all those people out there that see healthy pregnant moms walking around each day, we must help make this "invisable" crisis, visable and we will continue our passion with our mission to support this cause. Onward!

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