Friday, July 9, 2010

Meeting with Senator Mikulski's office to lobby for paid FMLA Leave and futher research!

Hello all.

I am honored to say that Better Bedrest along with Mamas On Bedrest are meeting with Senator Mikulski's office on Monday July 12th, 2010 to lobby for paid FMLA leave for women on bedrest with high-risk pregnancies. We are also lobbying for further research on High Risk Pregnancies as the research now is inconclusive and dated.

Many women around the US are struggling financially when the surprise of pregnancy bedrest occurs. I have always called this the "Invisable Crisis" and we need more then ever to try to get this legislation written.

Darline Turner-Lee from has come up from Texas to team up in the effort. California has been successful with getting paid FMLA leave. Maryland could be a forerunner in hopes that more states with follow. We recognize that there are other populations that would also greatly benefit from this as well. Parents of critically ill children, Families with health issues etc.. I spoke recently to a woman who after having twins who were critically ill, had to quit her job and bills were over a million when done.

The US is behind when it comes to this leave and we need to get with the times! Please stay posted as I will continue to write about this issue.

On another note. Save Novemeber 13th, 2010 for the Better BedRest Holiday Gala! We will have a one week vacation raffle to Park City, Utah with available tickets in the fall. This will be a national raffle. We also will have another raffle, thinking about an IPAD for the gala attendees. Raffle tickets with be $20.

We are in great need of Better BedRest phone volunteers. If you have been on bedrest or have a connection to it, please think about this rewarding experience. Our application is on our website at

Take care all,

Joanie Reisfeld
Better BedRest, Inc